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It all

I became a MOM.

I wished to cherish all the special moments we had with our first child. Every moment was special. Memories followed with countless photos and video clips. Then I decided to make those into a story. After hours of editing and producing, memories from phones and cameras turned into a beautiful video story. Our first baby is now 5 but we often play video story from her first year and we feel an instant return of time.

And now I wish to help you to cherish your own special stories. Everyone’s story is unique and we wish to turn your memories into a video story that pulls you in even closer among family and friends with love, warmth, and laughter.

Gift of Memories

Your memories can turn into a special video story.
But your special ones have memories they would be moved
to watch through their own video story as well.
How about a Gift of memories to them for their next special day?

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